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Enlightened Touch Therapy specializes in providing Lubbock TX with an excellent massage experience through our Mobile Massage Therapy Treatment.

Enlightened Touch Therapy provides the most convenient and relaxing Massage Therapy Services in Lubbock TX.  Schedule your appointment with our Online Scheduling Program!

Enlightened Touch Therapy offers Lubbock Chair Massage Services as a great way to bring a positive atmosphere to any Corporate Wellness Program, Home, or Office.

The Enlightened Touch Massage Therapy Studio is located in a Lubbock Home.  It has been designed to provide a calm, meditative setting to enhance the massage experience.

Professional Massage Therapist

OUR therapist is licensed and insured. 

Our Licensed Massage Therapist (MT102769) is very professional and has been providing Mobile Massage Therapy to Lubbock TX for 3 years.  For information about our Licensed Massage Therapist, please click here.   

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“I've been getting my massages for several years now & every time it's an out of body experience."

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