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Achieving Balance Through A Healing Touch

Enlightened Touch Therapy is based on the idea of “Achieving Balance Through a Healing Touch.” Creating and maintaining a sense of balance within one’s life is incredibly important.  Everyday life is filled with many tasks and undeniable stress, so it’s a great thing knowing that something as enjoyable as Massage Therapy can help lead you back to a sense of balance.  Massage therapy provides several health oriented benefits, which assist in creating a sense of mental and physical relief for the individual receiving treatment.

Enlightened Touch Therapy is different from other Massage Therapy Companies in that we are your Mobile Massage Therapy Provider.  There’s nothing worse than rushing through the stress of traffic and fighting to not be late for an appointment.  Allow us to take the extra step in removing your stress!  We will battle the traffic and bring the luxury, relaxation, and rehabilitative powers of Massage Therapy to your home, office, or hotel room! 

Our mission is to provide you with the most convenient, relaxing, rehabilitative Massage Therapy experience ever!  Lubbock TX has never seen Massage Therapy the Enlightened Touch Therapy way!  Schedule Today!

Mobile Massage Therapy: 

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The most convenient and comfortable way to receive massage.  Let us welcome you home with the gift of relaxation.  Mobile Massage Therapy delivers peace of body and mind.