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Achieving Balance Through A Healing Touch

3PM - 10PM  Monday-Sunday   

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Our own Blend of Lavender and Peppermint combined allows the body to fall into a deep state of relaxation.  Let go of today's stress and use this blend to reach Enlightened Relaxation!

Enlightened Balance


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The Sensations of Wild Orange will enhance your quality of Mood and Peace of Mind.  Experience the Bliss of an Enlightened Mood!

Enlightened Mood

Enlightened Relaxation

This Special Blend of Spruce Needle Leaf, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy Flower, and Blue Chamomile Flower has such a pleasant aroma.  It will leave you with an Inspired sense of Enlightened Balance.

Aromatherapy is the art of enhancing one's cognitive, psychological, or physical well-being via essential oils, and it's the perfect complementary add-on to your massage.  For only $15 extra of the original cost of our Massage Therapy Services, you can experience the sensation and unparalleled relaxation that aromatherapy provides.