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Assisting the Community Through Stress Reduction

Greetings Friends!

My name is Yvette Lara and I’m the owner of Enlightened Touch Therapy. Enlightened Touch Therapy is based on the idea of “Achieving Balance Through a Healing Touch.” I believe that creating and maintaining a sense of balance within one’s life is incredibly important. Massage therapy provides several health oriented benefits, which assist in creating a sense of mental and physical balance for the individual receiving treatment.

I received my Massage Therapy License from Ocean’s School of Massage and my Bachelor of Arts Degree from Texas Tech University. Being a Lubbock Native, I have come to discover that Lubbock could greatly benefit from the convenience of Mobile Massage Therapy. Lubbock has a consistent rate of growth in population and huge advancements in business development. As the city continues to expand, so do the stress levels. This, in turn, creates a decline in the health of the productive members of Lubbock, TX.

To boost the morale and decrease health declining stress, Enlightened Touch Therapy will provide convenience, comfort, safety, and the healing touch necessary for a health benefiting massage. I truly appreciate any interest you may have in the benefits Enlightened Touch Therapy can provide!


Achieving Balance Through A Healing Touch

3PM - 10PM  Monday-Sunday   

Lubbock's Mobile Massage

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